The current trend called Electric Vehicles

With the pollution rising to alarming levels in India, it is becoming necessary by the day to think of different ways and means to protect the environment. One of the options to consider for the same can be using a cleaner energy alternative against the traditional methods of fuelling the car to obstruct the increasing climate threat. Electric vehicles are hundred per cent eco-friendly and do not emit toxic gases or smoke in nature. They can be considered as one of the most reliable options to reduce pollution and stop the nuisance called Global Warming.  India is one of the signatories to the Paris Agreement, which means it is obligated to reduce global emissions by the year 2030.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, Electric vehicles can have a low maintenance cost. The initial costs might be high but due to government subsidies and exemption on road tax, the cost becomes bearable for many citizens. The battery, motor and other linked electronics require no or minimal maintenance. Brake wear is reduced significantly due to regenerative braking.

A major part of India’s oil requirements is imported from foreign countries.  About eighty-five billion dollars in a year are used up for oil imports. One important part of shifting to electronic vehicles would be the reduced dependence on oil imports. Not to forget the added advantage of further reducing the greenhouse gas emissions which will bring down the pollution level in many cities.

The charging infrastructure for electronic vehicles has been the focal attention spot for the Indian government. somewhere around one thousand crore rupees has been allotted under the FAME II policy.  It is decided to set up the stations in phases in every 3 x 3 km grid. One charging station at every 25km on both sides of highways and roads. By the year 2030, the union transport ministry aims to establish one e-charging station at around 69K petrol stations across India.

Giant business tycoons have taken a step forward to adopt EVs in larger proportions. Companies like Tesla and Nissan have prepared themselves to launch EV’s in their models as soon as the conditions are favourable in the country. India is heading its way to a cleaner energy alternative. With the right balance of policies, this experience can be leveraged even more rapidly.

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