Why is it important to learn a new language?

As the world seems to get smaller each day with the advent of modern technology, the need for effective communication is also increasing. When we speak about communication language automatically takes up a primary position.  Learning to read and write a language not only brings you close to culture and society but also helps you to connect to people on a more personal level if they speak the same language.

As per research, people with multilinguistic abilities are good at multitasking and work better on the creative side of the brain. Learning a new language can also help you to exercise your brain to make it stronger and more flexible. 

Several MNC’S are being set up in various parts of the world. Due to globalisation, many companies look for those potential employees who can communicate easily with customers in new and expanding overseas markets to establish a solid connection with them. In many cases, an added benefit to know a new language means increased salaries and other incentives from the employers.

Being able to communicate in another language also brings greater appreciation for different cultures and society. As we learn to understand them in their language, we tend to show greater empathy and acceptance of their culture. With the great diversity, India has it has always been safe to say that acceptance and understanding of different cultures brings along unity and joy with it. 

Some real-life sources which facilitate to make the whole journey of knowing a new language can be watching Tv shows and moves, listening to songs and podcasts and even reading a comic book in the said language. All you need to do is to find the right kind of motivation to get started. You’ll win a major part of the battle there.

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